Core Beliefs and the Manifestation of Positive Energy

Alana Barlia, LMHC

Core Beliefs 
Core beliefs are the bases of how we see ourselves, others, and the world. They serve as an information filter during new experience and define how we relate to the world around us. The negative patterns of thinking that pepper our everyday life - “I’ll never get that dream job”, “I’ll never find the perfect partner” “I’m so stupid” “Therapy won’t help me”– are the conscious representation of our core beliefs. Because our core beliefs are often negative, they can hold us back from achieving our goals. Our core beliefs emit out of us like a force field of energy, perpetuating a pattern of thought, leading to a pattern of behavior, that often makes us feel ‘stuck’ in our day to day lives. Did I lose you at force-field of energy? Stay with me! 

Neural pathways
The slightest bit of brainy science! Neurons are the message-centers of the brain. Neurons speak to each other to create Neural pathways, which are a series of neurons, connected by dendrites, that can help to explain our behavioral patterns. As we continue our behavioral patterns the dendrites connecting our neurons increase, strengthening the messages firing in our brain so that our thoughts and behaviors become automatic. Have you ever driven in a car and found yourself wonder at your destination, “How did I get here”? That autopilot is due to a neura lpathway in your brain that has made driving an automatic behavior for you. Same goes for other thoughts and behaviors that become engrained in us; the way we act in social situations, the role we play in relationships, our morning routine. Much like muscles in our body, the more we use them, the stronger our neural pathways become. This can be both positive and negative for us. Due to this phenomenon, the self-defeating pathologies we tell ourselves on a daily basis become stronger with each day we remain in this self-defeating place (ugh); BUT we can also undo these neural pathways by creating new ones, based on more positive core beliefs. 

Manifestation of energy  
Manifestation of new energy occurs when we change our core beliefs. Like a domino effect, our core beliefs (such as ‘I can’t’) reinforce a negative behavior, further reinforcing a neural pathway, eventually manifesting an energy from the universe that reinforces our belief. For example, if we believe we will never have a fulfilling relationship we may reinforce this with thoughts such as, “What’s the point in trying to find somebody”. This “What’s the point” thought then contributes to behaviors such as not taking somebody up on that coffee date, which then reinforces a reflection from the universe that we will not meet our person and should continue our quest to feel unfulfilled. However, we have the power to break this cycle by manifesting the energy we wish to have reflected back from the universe. We cannot rely on biology to do everything, we must also believe in our success to eventually illuminate a positive domino effect of core belief, thoughts, behaviors, and energy. 

How this relates to therapy 
I see this block daily in my practice with clients. So, if you are reading this thinking, “Ugh that’s me”, you’re not alone. But what do we do about this? Sounds like a lot of work to change our core beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, AND the energy that we project out into the universe, doesn’t it? Well it is work, but it is also 100% doable. Here are 6 ideas on exploring positive core beliefs and manifesting more positive energy in your life:

  1. Journaling – Journal your thoughts in a free association for 15 minutes every day to first LEARN what your core beliefs are. 

  2. Creative outlet – Music, art, or athletics can help to create both an outlet for negative energy and a manifestation of positive energy. 

  3. Speak to the people in your life – What patterns do they see from you, what energy is being emitted that you may be missing? 

  4. Positive affirmations – ‘The words we speak become the house we live in’, so make sure what you’re saying to yourself is kind. 3 statements a day that begin with: I can ___, I am _____, I will ___.

  5. THERAPY – Get in touch with YOU. Begin the exploration of where these negative core beliefs come from.

  6. BELIEVE. Truly, deeply, and wholly believe in the power of you.