“Bustle” Feature - Connection & Relationships

By Robert Sullivan, MHC

Intuitive Healing staff therapist Robert Sullivan, MHC was recently featured in Bustle’s “14 Thoughts You Don’t Have If You’re Deeply Connected To Your Partner.” Read below for a summary of how Robert conceptualizes healthy relationships and a link to the article!

Relationships are one of the most important things in our lives as human beings. They provide us with support, love, and connection. Romantic relationships can be hard work, often experiencing struggle and the typical ups and downs. However, in a deeply connected partnership, there is a strong foundation that won’t be rocked by those challenges. There are also quite a few things that need not cause stress and worry in a deeply connected relationship because of the strength of the foundation. This article speaks to a few of those things. It touches on the most powerful values of a deep connection- such as respect, trust, authenticity, and vulnerability.

Being deeply connected to your partner does not mean that you will never experience conflict, but rather that the conflict might look different and not be something to be feared as destructive to the relationship. 

There is always room for a couple to grow and deepen their connection. It is an ongoing process throughout a relationship. It requires commitment and both partners consistently showing up to do the work. Hopefully, this article provides some insight on how that can be done and what it might look like.